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We provide free estimates and XRA services!

At C&R, we want to provide you with the best and highest quality repair experience possible. That is why we offer free estimates, detailing a list of parts that have sustained damage prior to repair.

Additionally, we offer eXpress Repair Analysis (XRA). This in-store service is a combination of repair planning and disassembly to scan and survey the damage to your vehicle as thoroughly as possible, helping to prevent surprise repairs in the middle of the repair process. 

Want to bill your car insurance?

No problem! C&R Collision accepts all insurance estimates.We work with all insurance companies and bill them directly for any hidden damage without any out-of-pocket costs to our customers. The whole process of collision repair can be difficult to navigate, which we know all too well, but we are here to help. Let us work with your outside insurance company's estimates ourselves to deliver you a high-quality, excellent repair experience without the hassle.

Want to avoid using insurance?

That's fine, too! We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our work, regardless of how you pay.